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Day 29      Craftsmanship/Traditional Arts

Traditional uniforms

The traditional crafts and handwork passed down from one generation to the next keep the people connected to their history. Each region has its own colors, designs and themes to illustrate their uniqueness and family heritage within the Hungarian culture. The embroidery, lace making, woodwork, pottery and traditional clothes make the statement, "this is who we are."

And I have filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge, and in all kinds of craftsmanship, to make artistic designs...that they may make all that I have commanded you.   Exodus 31:3, 4a, 6b

Pray that the creative arts can be used to lead people to the Creator.

May 29  Prayer Requests from Operation World in conjunction with the international world days of prayer for Hungary *
* Please see Operation World, 6th edition, page 304-307 for more information on Hungary and the full requests.

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